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Re: [IP] Chat what to do?

Melissa Howell wrote:
> I think you hit the nail right on the head Rod.  There have been many a
> times when I would host chats and I would be the only one there.  I found
> that my biggest problem when hosting chats was that there was never any new
> pumpers there.  Ocassionaly I would have one or two newbies but thats it.  I
> am wondering why the new IPers are not attending chats?  Do they realize
> that these chats ONLY have insulin-pumpers in them and are not open to the
> general public like other internet chats?  In IP chats you are dealing one
> on one with people who have gone through or are going through the same 
> thing you are...who better to ask for advice???

OK, sounds to me like you're asking for feedback. So I'll give it to you
from my own perspective -- other people will have different

I've been into chats several times, but have found them very
unsatisfying. There is no "sticking to topic" and so the chat becomes a
wild ramble that is very hard to follow.

Second, I have occasionally mentioned an issue of my own that I'd at
least like acknowledged, and nobody has even appeared to notice it. 

Third, some people in the chat rooms have special relationships, and
tend to leave others out. 

Most of the time, I come away from chats feeling like it was a waste of
time -- I have neither been able to receive support for my own needs nor
help anyone else with theirs. 

The second aspect of chats is that people are busy and it's really hard
to schedule a protracted period to sit at the computer. I know *I* do
e-mail in dribs and drabs, and at odd times -- it may be that a lot of
people don't come to chats simply because they don't have time. 

I'm sure that some people find chats very edifying and satisfying, and
I'm glad they're available to them, but YMMV as always.

Don't ANYONE take this personally, OK????
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