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Hello List

I am having a terrible time lately with tapes and sets. Eileen seems 
allergic to the tapes or the iv prep. wipes. Into her second day, she 
develops a red rash underneath the tape part and lots of itching. This has 
made me have to change her sites every 2 days. Called MM and got some 
samples of Tegaderm and Polyskin, but these aren´t working either. We were 
previously using IV300. Tried Bard wipes, but no help either. Has anyone had 
this problem and what other tapes can I try?

Last set I tried was a Tender, this doesn´t seem to cause the problem, she 
says it does itch but much less. The problem I had was she was getting real 
high bg´s so I checked the site and there was blood inside the plastic 
cannula. I immediately change it, but I wonder if this causes bg´s to be 
high and if this is dangerous. Will appreciate any input on the tape 
business as we are really desperate by now. Thanks.

Eileen´s mom Pumping since July/2000-

hb1alc before pump 14.0  last hb1alc- 10.2 ! Things are getting better.
She was a little dissapointed though, she was hoping it would be lower.
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