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[IP] re: artificial sweetners

I had a nutritionist tell me this a couple of weeks ago-that studies show 
that the taste of something sweet(even sugar free products) triggers and 
insulin release. I asked him if I needed to get a prescription from my MD for 
a Diet Coke IV to get ye olde pancreas working again...
(He also circled my can of orange juice saying I shouldn't have such a high 
dose of carbs between meals, when right next to it in BOLD PRINT was my blood 
sugar reading of 38...)
Or how about the time I had a nurse call me(after a quick visit for the flu) 
to break the bad news that I had diabetes-I feigned shock as I'd already been 
diabetic for 5 years!
Just venting on a dreary cold Boston morning...
hugs to everyone!
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