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[IP] Thanks Peaches

Most of the more severe attacks I've had have been at night.  The first time 
I'd just moved into an apartment with a gas stove, and I thought I was being 
gassed to death.  Until the ambulance came....  and the fire dept.....  and 
the police..... it was quite embarrassing.  BUT, it has also happened while 
I was sitting in a chair watching TV and I didn't see it coming, a couple of 
times while DRIVING, which was *really* scary.

The pump is quite expensive, and I'm not sure that my insurance will cover 
the entire cost.  That's the only thing holding me back right now.  I have 
an appointment with my doctor today to talk about it.  She suggested it to 
me about two years ago but I was entirely resistant.  It just seemed like 
too much and admission of ILLNESS to me...
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