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[IP] subconscious anxiety

I found out this morning that I have quite a bit of subconscious 
anxiety going on about this pump stuff.

It's kind of funny, in a way.

I had a dream that the infusion set "button" on my Micro QR 
became filled with bright red blood.  And I woke up upset and 
worried that I heading into DKA (even though my BGs have never 
once been higher than 360 (to my knowledge).  

I didn't realize at the time that it was just a dream, I thought I'd 
actually SEEN it.  It was one of those highly realistic type dreams.

Yes, I can see a bit of redness through the "button", but it's hardly 
bright red-filled.


It also tells me I'm obsessing a bit on all this.  Which is nothing 
new for me.  I tend to obsess on new things that catch my interest. 
Although I prefer to call it hyperfocus.  :-)

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