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Re: [IP] SofSet positions

The way I understand it, it's a way of adding some slack to the 
tubing UNDER THE TAPE, so that if you accidentally tug on it a 
little too hard, the loop might come undone (and take the force of 
the tug), but hopefully not the infusion set.

I thought for sure I'd seen a picture somewhere that showed the 
loop technique, but danged if I can find it now!

Basically, if I'm understanding this correctly, you curl the tubing a 
bit right beyond where it connects to the infusion site and then you 
make sure that curl/loop is caught *underneath* the IV3000 tape.

On 9 Nov 2000, at 2:38, sue depinto wrote:

> Could someone please tell me what the "safety loop" is that you are talking 
> about with MM infusion sets? What is it for and how do you do it? It seems 
> like this was mentioned awhile back on the list & I wondered what it was, 
> but never asked.
>        Sue (dalgal)
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