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[IP] Reverse Dawn Phenom?

Hi Friends:  Well, here is a question I have been meaning to get on
here...anyone have a reverse of the Dawn Phenom?  Our 4 year old was
diagnosed almost 3 years ago and has ALWAYS dropped his bg levels by
morning.  NEVER have we had it where he would be high in the morning,
meaning a rise in bg from early morning waking.  He had not required
night insulin (N at bedtime or even supper!) for over 2 years now.  Now
that we are pumping (2.5 months now) it is very visisble as we have
performed fasting tests to set his night basals.  He drops from 3am to
6am...consistently.  We have now got our night basals set at .1 from
11pm to 4am and then 0zero him out from 5am and 6am, rising again by
7am.  This works great now that we have zeroed out the 2 basals.

It is amazing to see how he drops like that! Another family of a 4 year
old that pumps as well is finding the same thing and they USED to
experience Dawn Phenom BEFORE pumping?  Is this just a 4 year old thing
or does anyone else have this as well? I would think the honeymoon is
over now...

Take care all!  Thanks for the responses!

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