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Re: [IP] meters....any suggestions?

On Tue, 07 Nov 2000, you wrote:
> I like my FastTake.  Uses less blood than the One Touch Profile.  
> Although it doesn't have events like the Profile does.
> On 7 Nov 2000, at 11:49, email @ redacted wrote:
> > Hi Everyone!
> > One week of pumping(and my 25th birthday!!!!)
> > I'm getting a new meter(I have a 3 year old precision QID, but it's acting up 
> > and want to get a new one with more memory)
> > I'm looking at the FAST TAKE and the PRecision Xtra-any opinions????
> > Thanks in advance!
> > Hope everyone is well!
> > Bekka
> > ----------------------------------------------------------
11/08/00  Bob Hemus
Used a bunch of meters.  I don't mind poking me, but hate digging out strips,
do like good software.  I'm using the Dex right now.  Got started on it about a
year before they released it.  Also got the software and cable for free for
being one of the guinea pigs.  They are real handy.
Bob Hemus
He who expecteth nuthin' ain't never gonna be deceived.
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