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[IP] Cataract Surgery

Please remember me in your thoughts and prayers as tomorrow morning I undergo
cataract removal and lens replacement in my left eye. For the first time I can
recall I an actually apprehensive about a procedure being done and it is with
good reason. In 1996 I had a vitrectomy performed on this eye and when the
retinologist performed the surgery he found that I had a hole in my macula and
put a gas bubble in to seal it off so I laid on my stomach continuosly for 7
days. At some time during those proceeding days I had a major hemmorhage
following surgery. I could literally see a wall of blood flowing down from the
top portion of my eye and I never regained full sight in that eye and the
other eye started going bad also and I was declared legally blind and went off
on disability due to that and kidney and heart failure worsening. The cataract
specialist decided to remove the worse cataract first on the eye that I am
legally blind in (I have a smaller one on my sighted eye)and was very
discouraging when he advised me of what if any results the surgery will have
on regaining any vision. He said that diabetics do not do well with cataract
removal because it makes the retinopathy worse. I thought it would be worth a
try to have it done but the closer I get to surgery I worry about how my body
will react. Will I be permanently disfigured or will I have another massive
hemmorhage? I don't know but appreciate it if all of you will say a prayer for
Thanks, April 

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