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RE [IP] artificial sweeteners

>For the body, the taste of something sweet means "here come some
sugars", and your digestive system initially reacts in the same way
no    matter what the substance is.  This reaction includes triggering
the     release of insulin, which in turn makes you feel hungry.  This
release    takes place right up front on tasting: it doesn't wait until
the blood    sugar level rises.<

It is difficult to release something you don't have in T 1. Now, in early
stages of T2, this response is thought to frequently occur, even though the
release is defective insulin or the defect is in the cell receptor site that
doesn't let the cell take in the glucose and the BG goes up. If a cell is
deficient of glucose because it can't get into the cell, even though the
glucose is there in the blood, then the cell is still hypoglycemic and sends
a message to the brain signaling a hunger response.

(I hope my explanation is understandable.)

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE

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