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Re: [IP] Sherry's Pregnancy Update

As the uterus expands the ligaments that support it stretch to accomodate its 
growth. This process can cause twinges, cramps, or pulling sensations on 1 or 
both sides of your lower abdomen. Although uncomfortable, it's usually 
nothing to worry about. You may get relief by soaking in a warm bath or doing 
relaxation exercises. If the pain is severe, persistant, or with fever call 
your Dr.
      I've had 3 pregnancies 2 w/o pump and I'm sure quite a few hi bs 
levels. Don't worry so much . the baby is very resiliant. The hi bd levels 
bother you more than baby. You have the pump and sound like you are taking 
good care of yourself. You don't want to have hi bs but I'm sure you handle 
it as quickly as possible. Now, the stress you may have can hurt the baby too 
and leave u feeling more tired than usual and raise your bp levels. So be 
good to yourself and baby will be fine.  I recommend the relaxation 
techniques slow , deep breathing and warm bubble baths, get yr H to give you 
massages, pamper yourself . It usually makes me feel sooooo much better. And 
you know sex is a wonderful way to relieve tension!!!LOLOLOL.      And drink 
LOTS of water..hope things go well for you  good luck
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