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Re: [IP] This is a TEST

At 03:30 PM 11/8/2000 Ginny Kloth wrote:
 >I never see this in HTML on my emails from AOL- Her test and her note came
 >through to me as regular text.  I have never had a problem receiving AOL
 >either from lists or private emails. I use Eudora and at times Outlook
 >Why is that I wonder that I don't have a problem and others do?

That's because Eudora and Outlook express can interpret HTML mail. However, 
not everyone uses those programs. Members who receive mail at work, for an 
example, may have no choice in the email program they use. It would not be 
fair to require that members use only certain mail programs to be able to 
read messages here.

Another issue is that HTML mail takes up almost twice the amount of space 
as plain text mail. This means that these messages take much longer to 
download. Some people pay by the minute to connect to the Internet (not all 
members live in the US and/or near a large metropolitan area). Also, since 
Michael's computer servers for this list are not infinite in their 
capacity, we also need to be concerned about this too.


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