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[IP] chat

i have been seeing and talking to people in chat that is discouraged because
noone hardly shows up in the chat rooms. i go to chat at least 3-4 times a
week.  there are great people in thses chat rooms that take time out of
their schedule to host these chats.  everyone can learn something in these
chats and there is always someone in there that can answer your questions or
get the answers for you. on sudays that is at 11:00 pm EST.  i can not be at
that chat because it is to late for me.  i would like to know if anyone
would like to chat earlier than that on sundays. i would gladly be there at
a different time in the evenings to chat with anyone on diabetes or whatever
you wnat to chat about. these chats are clean and private compared to other
chat rooms you go to.  i challenge all new people to attend these chats and
support the ones that host them.  you will not be sorry that you attended.
sorry this is long but i think more people need to show up and support each
other. diabetes is bad,but when you a have a support group like this it
really helps with the problems.

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