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[IP] Diabetes In Control: current and accurate on-line diabetes information for medical professionals.


Our Mission
The Mission of Diabetes In Control is to be the world leader
of current and accurate on-line diabetes information for medical
professionals.  To promote  increased understanding of the care
and treatment of diabetes, ultimately helping the medical professional
to empower the patient to better self-care.  


To provide the most current information on new drugs, therapies,
and devices  

To Provide information on current studies and results  

To provide trials for participation in new therapies, educational
programs, meters, and other devices.  

To promote certification for diabetes educators

 To provide current information on the standards of care  

To provide methods for medical professionals to take responsibility
for patient outcomes.  

To promote the team approach in diabetes care  

To provide methods to empower the patient to better self-care

Letter to subscribers: 

Diabetes is an epidemic, and there is great interest from the
corporate world to bring new products and treatments to market.
There are over 4900 studies going on for new drugs, appliances
and treatments for diabetes. The information that is available
is astronomical. 

Since 1995 the medical industry has introduced 8 new drugs and
insulinís, 50 new meters, and pumps and countless over the counter
aids There will be over 20 new drugs for diabetes within the
next 5 years. They will have a non-invasive meter within 2 years
and the cure for Type 1 gets closer and beat goes on. 

It is crucial for diabetes educators, medical professionals,
and patients to have the most current information available.
 Because 98% of diabetes management has to come from the patient,
If we can make it easier for them, they will have more success
in controlling their diabetes.

In addition the shift to outcomes based diabetes management has
put an extra strain on our time and increased our need for knowledge.

Since we are all so busy it makes it very difficult, almost impossible
to stay current on the new approaches, medications, meters, etc,
for our patients. 

We are offering you a free newsletter. This Ezine (electronic
magazine) for diabetes educators and medical professionals will
help keep you informed about the new treatments, appliances and
studies that can make a difference for your diabetic patients
to self manage their diabetes. 

Contact Information
Editor:  Steve Freed Rph. C.D.E.   

Publisher:  Dave Joffe C.Ph.  

Webmaster: Mike Kuckes Rph   

Postal address 
1217 Somerset, Deerfield, IL 60006 
Electronic mail 
General Information: email @ redacted
Sales:  email @ redacted 
Webmaster: email @ redacted 

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