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Re: [IP] depression/diabetes-sorry i's long

My sentiments EXACTLY.  Amen for celexa.  The only problem I had with Celexa 
was I gained 10 pounds in 2 months.  I am 5'4 and weigh 110.  So, 10 lbs 
looked like 20 on me.  I am on welbutrin in addition to celexa now.  The 
celexa calmed me better but made me gain weight....the welbutrin doesnt calm 
me as much but gives me endless energy and I was back to my normal weight in 
5 weeks. Soooooo, now I take 1 celexa and 1 welbutrin.  Who knows!!??!!!!?  
But between those meds and being a new pumper, I feel like a new person!!!!  
everything is just mah-va-lous!!

age 33
dx  1979
pumping since 10/15/00

>From: "dennis & carol teal" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] depression/diabetes-sorry i's long
>Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 19:24:05 -0500
>I was depressed and didn't realize it - thought it was financial Chapter 
>thought it was my age/ hysterectomy - thought it was diabetes - thought it
>was my realtionship - thought I was a looser. Thought I was a looser 
>I wasn't handling everything. Thought I had lost my zest and enthusiasm for
>life, and struggled daily with acceptance for a long time. I was never
>suicidal either.
>Finally I guess I had enough went to my schedules endo appt.  he made some
>comment-which of course at that time was negative-I took everything
>personally -and to my surprise I started crying uncontrollably and couldn't
>stop. They made me stay until I calmed down but still cried all the way 
>and most of the night. My endo called me the next day and had made me an
>appointment with my M.D. who gave me a temporary rx and referred me for
>I am on Celexa now at first I was taking one tablet for about a year and
>didn't cry anymore but still wasn't real happy-never felt life was good but
>I got through it now.  Went for couseling due to relationship problems and
>my Celexa was increased and now I laugh again-love again-even look forward
>to doing things around the house again. If they wanted to take my house 
>and auction my kids furniture off on my front lawn today I know I would be
>okay. I accept the fact that I can't do it all anymore, it doesn't bother 
>that much.  At the same time I'm healthy enough to put up a pretty good
>fight too. I thank God everyday I am able to show my son how to laugh and
>enjoy life. I only wish I had had this help earlier, my 21 year old had to
>suffer through my depression and left the house-good for her-looking back 
>it.  She's a great kid and smart enough to know she had to get away. Poor
>kid had to look at my ugly mug everyday LOL-we laugh a lot together now.  I
>still have bad times-still have days when I can't do anything-the 
>now  is I don't struggle with acceptance - I know things will get better 
>I even enjoy shut down for a day. My struggles don't destroy me anymore. My
>endo doesn't bother me anymore-I think he needs Celexa too-he's such a old
>grouch! Dealing, with a disease is hard-the old saying "As long as you have
>your health you have everything - how true-and you know what -were the only
>ones who know that's true - the healthy people will never understand how
>precious good health is-thank God. But we do have a lot more understandings
>of life and it's struggles than most-I like that-makes me feel kinda smart
>Take Care & God Bless   Carol Teal
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