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[IP] Re: Soft Set Micro Direction? (Sheri)

Hi:  We used the micro and had it "fall out" or get tugged out numerous
times too.  We have an active 4 year old. We used the wings from side to
side, we were told never up and down.  Also, phoned MM and they sent us
this chart showing how to tape the tubing in a loop so the actual site
is not affected by a tug, but the loop will take the action.  They will
send you a photocopy of how to make this safety-loop.  We ended up
having enough of this from the Micro and tried the Silhouette and found
a HUGE difference. Better sets by far!!!...and better more consistent
numbers!  I also liked not having all that tape stuck on him all the
time, the Sil has a little circle of really sticky tape that lasts the 3

Take care and good luck!

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