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Re: [IP] Sherry's Pregnancy Update

Well, stressing isn't going to help much either.  IMHO, isn't the baby
Growing inside you? Your muscles are saying "Hello? what's this?" and would
feel oddly for the times of a growth spurt....

IMHO, I also think you're stressing out and will be SO aware of anything in
that area, that *you* would feel the baby burp!  I know that if I'm
concentrating on an area hard enough I can "feel" my bone knitting together
(when I had a broken toe) I could feel my innards if I thought about them.

Call the doc anyway if for nothing but your peace of mind.
Jenny Sutherland

----- Original Message -----
From: "Sherry Compton"
But last night I had a few strange feelings in my abdomen.  It wasn't
exactly like a cramp, it was more like just a tightening of my muscles.
I could call my doctor, but I'm afraid of what he might say.
> Does anyone know what this might be?
> I'm scared because I had a few upper 200 bg's on Sunday when a set was
bad.  I had to change my set twice because the canula kept bending, and it
took me a few hours to get it back under control. I've been trying so hard
to do everything right, and it seems like I just can't win!
> Sherry C

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