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Re: [IP] starting pumper group

 I started a pump group in my area two months ago.
First of all I did up an introductory letter on my
computer telling what the pump group was about, where
and when we would meet and phone numbers of some of
the other local pumpers involved in the group as well
as my own if there were other questions. I took this
letter around to the local CDEs, pharmacists, endo's
offices and doctor's offices. From the local CDE and
pump reps, I got names and numbers of people who were
interested (the CDEs and reps talked to them first and
made sure it was O.K. for me to have their names and
numbers). I called these people and asked for their
support in spreading the word. I also have gone to any
type of meeting where pumps were discussed ( a local
CDE has informed me of these), and I have handed out
the newsletter about our group. For example, earlier
this week I went to a CDA product night in town
representing our group. It paid off as I have been
asked by our local CDE to come and talk to a group of
CDEs from the area about my experience with the pump.
 Currently, there is not a local place for pump
support, and two out of town Dr.s in the area are
booked up to 8 months down the road to start people on
 I have started a library with info about pumping. I
have also approached the pump companys for info to
hand out like info packages and videos. We have people
investigating the pump and people already pumping and
their families attending our group. We have just
started but I would like to set up some guest speakers
in the near future. Most of our members have been
pumping for less than 1 year.
 Good Luck and feel free to e-mail me if you have any
.....Carolyn Green.....
email @ redacted

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