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Re: [IP] depression

Thank you for your posting. It always takes courage to admit anything like 
this.  Mild depression can hit anybody, at any time in their lives.  I have 
seen people, including myself, go through life without anything approaching 
depression, then slowly, depression rears its ugly head.  Often a period of 
prolonged stress such as financial hard times.  I became depressed after my 
husband had a failed business, I took a job I hated, my daughter was 
diagnosed with diabetes and my dad died.  My advice would be to first try 
talk therapy, then if that doesn't substantially improve things, try a low 
dose of an antidepressant.  Often, a short period (such as a year or so) with 
an antidepressant can break the cycle and rewire the brains circuits, restore 
sleep and set you straight.  Of course, having diabetes is an added burden at 
all times, and could easily contribute to depression.  And not just because 
of the daily routine, but the uncertain future that is so easy to worry 
about.  Take care.  Keep us posted.  I hope you get a lot of good answers.
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