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Rhonda McClary writes:

<< I am still waking up with high BGs and I am not sure if it is my basal 
rate or because 
 I eat something sweet before going to bed in fear of being too low >> and 
asks about using John Walsh's formulas.

I refer to Walsh often when I need to recalculate or change basals and 
bolus/ratios.  A couple of thoughts I have on your problems with regulating 
and especially with high morning sugars and hypoglycemic unawareness/fears.  
You say your target is 115.  I'd suggest raising that goal, perhaps as high 
as 150 during the night.  Eating a sweet HS will increase your sugar rapidly 
but for only a short time.  A better HS snack would be to include a protein 
with your carb (ie crackers and cheese or peanut butter) which will go into 
your system more slowly and will last longer.  I too find I walk a fine line 
between having lows during the night and waking with high BGs.  I love the 
pump (celebrating my 1 month anniversary) but find I need to keep close watch 
and tweek my boluses frequently.  I change my basals very carefully and 
slowly.  Good luck and keep us posted.  Jill Tiffany
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