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Re: [IP] depression

If you are feeling this bad, you need to go to the doctor. S/he can help you
rule out the non-depression-disorder possible causes (e.g. hormone
fluctuations, pregnancy, illnesses like bronchitis that can make you feel
generally lousy and have a bad effect on your mental state, etc.)  S/he can
also explain medication options if it turns out that you (like me) have a
brain chemistry imbalance.

I thought for years that I was 'just' too high-strung, over-emotional, lazy,
incompetent, and a variety of things I'm not, when it turned out I needed
medical help.  I then was able to care enough to help myself take proper
advantage of counseling, which helped me deal with some of the cognitive
errors that Darrin talked about.

Anyway, with kids and diabetes going on in your life, you need to get to the
bottom of this ASAP.  It is very hard to care enough to take proper care of
diabetes when you are depressed, and then the control problems with the
diabetes exacerbate the out-of-control depression feelings.  With all due
respect to Darrin, certainly if this goes on for four weeks you need to get
to a doctor and insist on some help, but in my opinion, four weeks is about
three weeks and three days too long to go on feeling the way you describe.

YMMV, or course.  Take it for what it's worth.

Kathy Trondsen

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