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[IP] plantar warts

Hello - anyone had any experience with these? My almost 5 year old has one
on his foot, below the toes. I looked at the pharmacy, and of course all
the medications for this day "Not to be used by diabetics." I called the
nurse at the endo's office and she said do not handle it yourself, go to
your family doctor. So we are going Thursday afternoon. My sister has had
them, and had them burned off, and said it really hurt!
Linda, mom to Adam, 4 1/2, pumping since Jan/00
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Anybody know anything that can be used by diabetics? This warning is like 
the HOT! HOT! HEISS CHAUD warnings on Mc Donalds Coffee Cups. Lets face it 
we are warned nbot to use or touch anything. In case your feet have poor 
sensation they don't want you to burn a hole thru your foot with that 
caustic stuff. Then again of your foot wasn't feeling that well the warts 
wouldn't hurt. This is a don't do it yerself thing. Go to a podiatrist and 
let him or her handle it. Don't play surgeon. Like it says do not attempt 
this yerself, professional driver on a closed course! Ask Jan and Elvis 
about feet stuff, they'll tell you the same info. Spot and Christine
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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