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[IP] skipping meals

 > After seeing all the information provided by MiniMed I
 > was under the impression that occasionally missing
 > meals or snacks would not be a problem. Yet, after
 > meeting with my endo in so many words she told me I
 > would still have to eat as if I was treating myself
 > using MDI. And that I could only slightly delay my
 > already in progress eating schedule. So which is
 > right? If you are skinny and underweight maybe that is wht your endo 
doesn't want you to skip meals most of us otoh eat too much, and missing a 
few calories wouldn't hurt us.
I never eat snacks or extra food anymore since leaving MDI hell. The 
advantage of pumping is to eat what you want when you want. I never heard 
if this but I'm not an endo, nor do I play one or stay at a Holiday Inn. 
Spot and Christine
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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