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[IP] Freestyle meter

On 6 Nov 2000, at 19:06, Patrick G. Jobe wrote:
I keep hearing about this meter...... but.... I tried poking my arm
and hands in several different places, even on the smallest setting
of my Lifescan dial-able lancet pen, and I'll tell ya, it hurts like the
DICKENS and for hours afterwards too.
Pain isn't a big issue for me, really, but if poking my fingertips is
less painful, I'll naturally gravitate back there every time. Although
even smaller blood samples would be a good thing.


  The stabbers you use on the fingers are not designed to stab your arms. 
the penetration is too great. If you want to use a stabber on your arm I 
suggest a vaculance stabber with the approriate poke. this makes a vacuum 
on your arm and sucks the blood to the surface after pricking the skin. it 
shouldn't be used on fingers as the negative pressure results in excessive 
penetration depth. if you play a stringed instrument the stabbers do a good 
job of messing up your finger tips. especially painful to play the cello 
after using a stabber on your left hand. I find the glucometer elite and 
vaculance stabber a dynamite combo. Maybe the freestyle works well too. 
Always use the outer surface of the forearm never poke the inner surface of 
the arm, it is filled with nerves and is painful to stab. I use the heel of 
my hand about an inch from the finger crease of the little finger.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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