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[IP] Re: Results of Driving Survey

> Out of all the responses I received, above are the percentages I got.
So we
> will assume approximately 16% of diabetics have had an accident, but
none of
> the accidents I that I was told about had caused injury to the other
> some of them were just fender benders that caused little to no damage.

This is a good report of our responses.  I would like this to be true.
There are a couple problems that should be noted.
- It is self reporting.  I don't believe that there are many of us who
would tell of an accident that killed a school bus full of children.
The dm'ers that died in those accidents also would not be able to
- I believe that this is an 'elite' group (not by income or social
standing) because those on this list are investing time and money to
keep the best control possible.  The same is true for anyone who just
has a pump.  I was told to not get a pump unless I was willing to do far
more that what I would do on shots.  Sadly there are many diabetics who
are not willing to do what is necessary to be a successful pumper.  Just
being on this list means that we are trying a little harder.  The people
who don't test, and don't care are not going to spend the time to
participate with this list.

Are there any objective studies that give any kind of accident rate,

You can state that this percentage of concerned pumpers have a 16%
accident rate or 52% test rate.  It can not be said that all diabetics
will have these same rates.

Incentally, I always check and have had 2 accidents (no injuries and
only damage to my car) while trying to get off the road.  One was in
1970, with only urine test strips and the other was on a long solo trip
at 2 am in which I wandered around the desert for 6 hours with low
sugar, but I was able to get the car off the road.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Fortune knocks but once, but misfortune has much more patience.
 - Dr. Laurence J. Peter

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