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[IP] plantars warts

Linda wrote
> anyone had any experience with these? 

yes.  I had one in the center of my foot, in the arch, that never gave me any 
problem for 10 years.  The doc always said as long as it does not give you 
problems or change color or shape, it is better not to mess with it...and 
warned me not to pick at it, cuz they can spread,,,So I left it alone...(now 
I ignored those warnings with my zitty face of course....)

For some reason, when I moved to NYC, they started "sprouting" all over my 
foot - just the one foot, and no, i did not pick at them, so I dont know why 
they spread - I was living with grotty boys who did god knows what in the 
shower, but who knows.  Anyway, the endo said I could try the salicylic pads 
things from the drugstore as the circulation in my feet is fine...but I 
couldn't do it every day for 5-6 weeks, like it says on pkg, so I just 
ignored them for a while.  One day I looked, and the ORIGINAL 10 year old 
wart was gone - poof - nothing there!  But the other ones were still there, 
and so at my next endo visit, I got him to refer me to the podiatrist...I 
went cuz they are gross and I wanted my toes suckable again, should I ever 
find a man who wants to suck on them...  

So I take the 3 1/2 hours required for any doctor appt in NYC and go see this 
guy...sure enough they are plantar warts (surprise surprise....), but his new 
office was not "set up" so he did not have the equipment to burn/freeze them 
off...so he told me to use the salycilic pads again...So another 3 hours 
wasted and still no suckable toes...

I suppose the warning is on there for those people who tend to drift along in 
"touch of sugar" land, and have no feeling in their feet.  Often this means 
circulatoin is impaired which means healing will be impaired...the pads kinda 
destroy the skin - literally eat it away a litle...it looks like you went 
swimming with a bandaid around your finger - you know how white and pasty it 

So I used the pads, SPORADICALLY...He wanted me to come back to remove or cut 
it out after 5 weeks, but I couldnt keep the stupid pads on my foot, AND 
another one has disappeared on its own, but I have 2 that are being 
persistent, so I guess as long as they don't change color or affect the way I 
walk, I will just deal with it, and hope they go away.  My CDE told me that 
if the "root" wart goes away, then sometimes the others do too...I am hoping 
that is what happens to me and that my toes are suckable soon....

Now if only we could do something about those hairy toes....which I 
personally adore cuz it means I have good circulation in my feet, but try 
explaining that to your baby brother who insists on making monkey sounds when 
ever you wear sandals....

As for a 5 year old...I would ask doctor, but i would bet he would say not to 
do anything unless they are causing pain or interferring with walking?  I am 
sure his circulation is still good enough that they might have you try the 
pads...but good luck keeping them on his feet!

Sara SP
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