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[IP] Chat what to do?

   To chat or not to chat? IP has a great group of chat hosts, they all take time out of their days to help support IP chatrooms. It has always been my goal to do my best in hosting in chat; but of late it has been very hard to do. IF my fellow members do not care enough
to come to chat (ie.. chat host show up at a set time and no one comes or it is only other chat host in the room), to send in ideas of what they would like to talk about (ie.. Michael asked afew weeks back for ideas as I have too), do we need to stop having chats? If not then who(YOU) will do them, have (YOU) send a thank you to a host , told a host Great Job!!, have (YOU) try to come in a chat or been a HOST (as far as I know there have been only 10 hosts; out of 2700+) . IF the time of chats are wrong or subject or you don't know how to get in to chat , all you need to do is ask, please let the Admins or Chat Hosts know ....what is the problem, what you like to chat about, when, if you like to help(host or anything else ), drop any of us a note. So....................................

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