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Re: [IP] plantars warts

>Hello - anyone had any experience with these? My almost 5 year old has one
>on his foot, below the toes. I looked at the pharmacy, and of course all
>the medications for this day "Not to be used by diabetics." I called the
>nurse at the endo's office and she said do not handle it yourself, go to
>your family doctor.  So we are going Thursday afternoon.  My sister has had
>them, and had them burned off, and said it really hurt!

"not to be usd by diabetics" simply applies to those with poor circulation.
Not someting to worry about for a 5 yr old.  Also diabetics heal slowly if
bg control is way out of range.  In 27 years of being type I I have never
needed to heed these warnings.

I had a plantar wart as a kid on my foot as well and it was burnt off.  No
problem healing at all.  Would be a challenge now though!

Today docs freeze the wart.  This is of little concern as far as
aomplicatoins go.  some liquid Nitrogen freezes the vireus then you soak
and scrap the wart materil until it's gone.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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