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[IP] One month and counting

I have now been on the MM 508 for one month. I am
amazed at the changes it has helped me make already.
My vision has cleared up a great deal. I'm not feeling
tired all the time. I can excercise without crashing
with a low. When I do spike a high bg I can bolus to
bring it down. For the first time in 5 years I feel
like I have some control over this thing. I'm not
perfect, and I doubt if I ever will be, but I have the
power I didn't have before and it feels GOOD!

I change my infusion site every 3-4 days. I've been
trying to keep a Sunday and Wednesday schedule as that
seems to work better for me. Changing the site is now
no problem, I'm very comfortable with it. Didn't take
too long to get used to the process. I have only felt
the introducer needle once, and that was the second
time I changed out, it happened because I was nervous
and I didn't keep the softserter in place. Since then,
I know to keep everything in place, take a big breath,
press the button and I don't feel a thing. It's really
amazing to me. I am also amazed at the tape I'm using,
it's just like a second skin. I know some people have
problems with it, but so far it works great for me.

I still have to be very careful with what I eat,
rather not over 50 carbs at a meal. I don't like to
bolus insulin too often so I keep my carbs down. This
has helped me to start losing the 20 pounds I gained
when I started NPH 3 years ago. 

I'd just like to comment that this seems like a whole
new world and it looks good to me so far.

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