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[IP] Results of Driving Survey

Yes     No

1. How many people test their blood sugar at                           48%
least 90% of the time before driving any type of vehicle?

 2. How many people have went low while driving                   92%     8%
and knew to get off the road to treat it?

3. How many people on this list have ever had an                     16%
accident due to diabetic complications only?

Out of all the responses I received, above are the percentages I got.  So we
will assume approximately 16% of diabetics have had an accident, but none of
the accidents I that I was told about had caused injury to the other driver,
some of them were just fender benders that caused little to no damage.  92%
of the diabetics know when their sugar is low and they pull over to treat
it, therefore no threat to anyone on the road.  And even though there are
only 48% of us who check 90% of the time, most people say they only check on
long distance trips, which is good.  If you are only driving 2 blocks down
the road to go to the store and you know you just ate 1/2 hour ago, I don't
blame you for not checking.  If you would compare these percentages to those
of people under the influence, I guarantee it's not the diabetics causing
the most havoc on the road.

Carrie (connected to her blue Flux Capacitor, even when driving)
and thank to all who contributed to the survey!

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