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TO LINDA--Re: [IP] plantars warts


My 7 year old son (non diabetic) had a huge wart on his hand this summer.  We 
tried twice with the liquid nitrogen stuff (extremely painful!) and it he 
would not sit still long enough to do the job right.

We then found a great dermatologist who twice used Cantherone Plus on the 
wart.  You can search info out about it on Yahoo.

It does not hurt so the job gets done and if it is carefully applied (only to 
the wart, not to the surrounding tissue) the wart "falls off" about a week 
after a treatment.

Basically she put just a drop or two on the wart and let it dry for about two 
minutes.  Covered it with tape and told my son to not mess with it for about 
six hours and then let Mommy wash his hands.  First time the majority of the 
wart peeled off within 10 days.

Second treatment about three weeks later I do not think he really needed but 
I think she wanted to be sure it was gone.  Same procedure just this time 
within four days he had a huge water blister in place of the wart.  The 
blister popped painlessly within 10 days and healed up.  No pain and no wart.

Cee Dee
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