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[IP] interesting weekend

Well, hearing all you talk about going to the ER with a pump, we finally got
to experience it first hand. Kevin came down with a vicious stomach flu and
we went to the ER Saturday. The doc there  let us take care of his pump and
blood sugars and no questions about hanging saline vs. glucose. They gave him
saline the whole time and put meds in that to calm the vomiting. He had a
rough day there. The worst part is my husband and I caught it and were sick
with him in the hospital. Luckily, Kevin had a room in PEDS with another bed
that my husband and I climbed in together, and ran to the bathroom in shifts!
yuk.  Kevin's bgs were actually pretty good thru it all and no ketones! We
love the pump. He would drink sips of 7 up once he felt better or eat a
popsicle and we could just give tiny bits of insulin. I love that pump.

Anyway, we are recovering and I think overall it was a good experience in the

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99