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Re: [IP] How many carbs in an egg?

Darrin Parker wrote:
> My materials indicate that there is 1 g of CHO in an average chicken egg.
> This makes sense as eggs are almost 100% protien.  HOWEVER:  HIstorically 
> I need to bolus for eggs as if they had 15 g CHO per egg.  No special perep
> in cooking - just fried w/o oil.  None of my carb tables list teh g of
> protein in an egg.  Based on the required amt of insulin I need per egg; it
> must be about 28 g of protien per egg.

Well, if 60% of protein gets turned into glucose, then 60% of 28 = 16.8g
of glucose, so your bolusing for 15g of carb is VERY close!

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