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Re: [IP] totally did not love this

email @ redacted wrote:
> did NOT mean to spark a war on which diabetes was worse for god's sake
> people!!!  THE POINT of the article was that it had fairly acfurate
> information about TYPE 1...calling it out as DIFFERENT from Type 2, which is
> exposure it usually does not get.
> I PERSONALLY think they ought to NOT be called Type 1 and type 2.  why not
> call one diabetes...and one SOMETHING ELSE..they are two DIFFERENT diseases.
> can we end the little war before some one's FEELINGS get hurt??
> Sheeeshhhh
> Sara
Golly you're young..they used to call 'em juvenile onset and adult
onset.  Had to treat them both with insulin.  Then about '57 or '58
Diabinase (sp?) was developed for adult onset.  I can't remember when
they went to insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent and then a
short time later Type I and Type II.  Inulin dependent and non-insulin
dependent makes the most sense to me, as some Type II's need insulin. 
Oh well??
Bob Hemus

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