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Re: Re: [IP] The party's over - looong

Roger wrote:

<<I also listened to
Roselea and did a set change with only IV Prep now if I can get her to stick
a finger without alcohol and then just lick the excess off. >>

Roger, I stick my finger all the time without alcohol, I only did it that
once at the table as a joke... *grin*  But I'll tell ya, I surely refuse to
lick the blood off my finger (yuk, gag) and you know the results when I
don't use bandaids (blood spurting all over the place). LOL

I had a great time meeting everyone at Jan's bash too.  Susanne, I enjoyed
talking with you and want to march on Lansing when the time comes, make sure
you let me know.

Jan w/Elvis, we had so much fun talking, it's like we've always known each
other.  I thought it was so great, that here were people from all over and
we all had so much in common and not just the pumps and diabetes either.

I'm looking forward to many future events with my pumper friends (including
your 75th anniversary, Roger).  :o)


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