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Re: [IP] Senior Diabetics

On Sat, 28 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> I have had diabetes for 40 years and I just got my pump in Feb.,2000.  I wnat to know how you knew about the pumps in '82?  How much did the first one cost and did your insurance cover it then?  I am just curious  Do you have any complications?  I have hypoglycemic unawareness but that is all.  I am really thrilled to meet another "senior" diabetic!!  I am very new to this pumpers chat room so if I do not respond to you for a while it is because I can't get around this computer stuff so easily!! (HA)

I had just been told I had diabetic retinopathy and put in the hospital to get
squared away.  The diabetic specialist wanted to put me on a pump, CPI, in
January of 1979.  I thought it would be an albatross around my neck.  Wrong. 
It was summer of 1981 before I came around.  I applied to Blue Cros of
California and they said it had to go before a panal of my peers because it was
experimental.  I passed.  The Mill-Hill cost $999.00, I think.  Can't remember
exactly what the first CPI I got a couple of years later, but I think it was
about $2,000.  All have been picked up by my insurance 100%.
Bob Hemus
He who expecteth nuthin' ain't never gonna be deceived.
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