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[IP] ORGAN FUNCTION not the playing kind

I *assumed* my kidneys functioning at 18% means the warehouse is still
there, but emptying out. Someone else said they have shrunk to 18% their
original size.  Now I have heard of a lady who has no pancreas. I said she
needs a pump. No, it won't work for her. I said we have a member on this
list whose pancreas was removed when he was a tot and she would have
surgical DM. "No, her pancreas has shrunk down to nothing."  Now, I would
like a doctor or RN to reply to this and set me straight. Are these organs
non-functioning or disappearing? Jan and BludaSue
Its not how much of the organ is therebut how well it functions. A liver
functions at 100% if it clears all of the test dye injected to test itBSP
test Kidneys function at 18* if the only filter out 18* of nitrogen waste
in your blood. (Creatinine Clearance test)They are suppoed to filter > 99%
of the blood in 24 hours. On ultrasound if they are hardened and
shrunkenthey are abnormal. They should be sonolucent.Sound should go thru
them and not bounce off(sonoreflective) The organs do not usually diappear
although one of my med school friends  has a dad with T1  His pancreas is
calcified hard as a rock. if your vision without galasses is 20/400 the
your vision is 50% If your heart has a 50% ejection fraction youlost 50% of
its function Spot and Christine who works at 100% Spot plays the organ at
40% since his stroke

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