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[IP] RE: A Little Confused ???

> After seeing all the information provided by MiniMed I
> was under the impression that occasionally missing
> meals or snacks would not be a problem. Yet, after
> meeting with my endo in so many words she told me I
> would still have to eat as if I was treating myself
> using MDI. And that I could only slightly delay my
> already in progress eating schedule. So which is
> right?

You must skip meals because the only way to properly set your basals is to
skip meals.  Then, after basal rates are where they should be you can skip
meals any time you wish, still checking bGs of course.  I often go 12 hours
without eating and will, to check basal rates, occasionally go 24 hours
without eating.  But I sure make up for it.  I am convinced that the source
of most of the problems that pumpers have is the fact that too few doctors
are comfortable with the pump and have either too little time or too little
interest to devote to learning it.  As is often mentioned here, our only
salvation is Pumping Insulin, by John Walsh, and The Insulin Pump Therapy
Book, published by MiniMed.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

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