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Re: [IP] The party's over - looong

On 6 Nov 2000, at 18:52, email @ redacted wrote:

> > Mary is still confused as to why adults name their pumps.  

I'll bet it has to do with psychologically creating an emotional bond 
with it by anthropomorphizing it.  I never would have occurred to me 
to name it, but I think if I had named my syringe injection aids, I 
might have had a little less antipathy towards them, being the 
intense needlephobe that I am.

>She just calls 
> > hers
> > pumpy.  She just does not get Elvis.  But she did understand Hockey Puck.  
> > She
> > is amazed that Roger has had this for 53 years and that's longer than her 
> > Mom is
> > old. What great role models she had a chance to interact with.

I've decided to name mine "One" as in "1 of 9".  I'm not shaped like 
7 of 9 on Star Trek.  I'm shaped more like a 1--skinny and flat-
chested.  :-)

(when I was in high school my best friend used to tease me by 
putting her pinky finger in front of her eye and saying, "where's 
wombn?? where's wombn???" as those her pinky blocked out her 
view of me.  heh.)

wombn and One

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