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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #606 - Laura

On 6 Nov 2000, at 19:24, Jane Reese wrote:

> So now I'm back to
> 10 years worth of data.  ?WHY?  As somebody said, sometimes I forget what
> kind of soup I ate for lunch, or if I ate salad.  Sometimes food has a
> longer impact on your  blood sugar, and after years of doing this D thing,
> my brain gets confused if I had salad today, or if it was yesterday.  I
> normally write it down as soon as I bolus - it helps ME figure out how much
> to do next time.  Like tonight, I had salmon stuffed with crab - knew
> exactly how much to take based on the last time I ate it.  Hope this helps!

ONe thing I've realized is that  my perception of the past couple of 
weeks always ends up a little bit different than the charts say.

For example, last appt my doc asked me what time I was waking 
up these days.  I told her 3:00 pm (I work nights), but looking at the 
charts, I'd written a BG reading at 2:00 on most days.  That made 
a difference to her.  It told her I wasn't getting enough sleep and it 
helped her figure out whether I was shooting my bedtime lente at 
the right time so that it would peak during the Dawn Phenomenon.

Now, why I thought I was getting up at 3:00 pm is beyond me.  But 
it's just one example of how my memory rewrites little bits of my 
life story and the charts keep me honest (at least I *hope* it's only 
little bits that get rewritten!  Hey! Maybe I'm actually 25 y/o and not 
38! :-D)

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