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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #606 - Laura

Hi Laura -

I have been diabetic for 35 years, and like somebody else said - I continue
to write it all down.  Insulin taken, how much and when, food eaten - how
much and when - these old habits are hard to break.  Another diabetic I met
who also suffered severe hypoglycemia (pre-pump) - also writes it all down.
We had one long intense discussion of who to donate our log books to, in
order to promote/help understanding of Type 1.  We never came up with a good
answer of what to do with the books, but I have mine dating back 10 years.
The Defense Dept sent me to Japan, where I could only take some of my
possesseions, and the rest went into storage.  I threw about 5 years worth
of note-taking into the trash because of lack of space.  So now I'm back to
10 years worth of data.  ?WHY?  As somebody said, sometimes I forget what
kind of soup I ate for lunch, or if I ate salad.  Sometimes food has a
longer impact on your  blood sugar, and after years of doing this D thing,
my brain gets confused if I had salad today, or if it was yesterday.  I
normally write it down as soon as I bolus - it helps ME figure out how much
to do next time.  Like tonight, I had salmon stuffed with crab - knew
exactly how much to take based on the last time I ate it.  Hope this helps!

Take care, Jane

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