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[IP] Blood Glucose Monitors - FreeStyle vs FastTake

In the threed <<Subject: RE: [IP] Palm and Gluco-pilot>>  "wombn"
<email @ redacted> said

> I started out with a One Touch Profile, but now I'm using a
> FastTake.  It gives the results in 15 seconds and requires a vastly
> smaller amount of blood.

> I had to choose between the One Touch features vs the FastTake
> tiny blood sample.  The speed is nice too, but that wasn't a
> deciding factor.

My experience is similar and I agree completely. But I've now taken it one
step further.

I used the One Touch Profile for a long time with good success. This spring
I "upgraded" to the One Touch FastTake to take advantage of the smaller
sample size required. My fingers were just too sore, too much of the time.
The switch over was well worthwhile and gave me the expected advantages. I
was never very successful with taking the sample from the arm. I still need
too much blood for this to work consistently but the reduction in sample
size needed from the finger was very significant and made a real difference.

More recently, this summer, I saw an ad for the FreeStyle meter from
Therasense (http://www.therasense.com/). This meter uses an even smaller
sample and I am now able to consistently use the top of my forearm. This is
a great improvement and I highly recommend it.

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