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Re: [IP] The party's over - looong

In a message dated 11/6/00 1:11:34 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:


Mary is still confused as to why adults name their pumps.  She just calls
pumpy.  She just does not get Elvis.  But she did understand Hockey Puck.  
is amazed that Roger has had this for 53 years and that's longer than her
Mom is
old. What great role models she had a chance to interact with.

I hope that we all can serve as role models for others with D. and encourage
them to take control of this rather than it controlling them.

Susanne  ( Mary's Mom)

            Susanne I must tell you as I watched your kids interact with
Mary I was happy to see such harmony and helpfulness by all. It makes me
happy to see a normal family deal with a tuff problem. As far as my hockey
puck goes I was close to calling it slap shot and if I don't get the new
D-Tron I will name the second pump my slap shooter. I also listened to
Roselea and did a set change with only IV Prep now if I can get her to stick
a finger without alcohol and then just lick the excess off. I am sure Jan is
glad we all had a good time. Next time I will get Spot and raze he**
together. Roger C (dx47 pm 00 going to a hockey game with my puck in tow)