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No Subject

SNIP>>>>>>From: Laura Stanley <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Tracking carbs, etc.

Does everyone write down their blood sugars, the carbs, and boluses each
time?  I don't mind testing, etc., but don't like to keep writing things
down.  How do you handle this?<<<<<<<<SNIP

Yep!  Been doing it for 15 years.  Used to even put it in excel spread
sheet. Finally took my handwritten homemade log book to endo  one time,
bloody spots all over it, messy writing, etc.   He said he would rather have
that than a pretty one.  Knows its for real I guess.  I can't fix any
problems which may come up if I don't know what I did, what I was, what I
ate, etc.  Course, I don't have any memory chips left.  You may still have
all yours.   Writing it down makes it easier to see trends, problems, etc.
In my opinion. 
Bonnie R. 

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