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[IP] FYI on pump measuring insulin

I just wanted to add to this that the Animas also measures the insulin 

>This probably won't answer your question but may be helpful to those who 
>still deciding which pump to use.   The new D-tron has this wonderful
>feature that you are hinting towards in your question.  When a insulin
>cartridge is loaded into the pump, no matter how much insulin is in the
>cartridge, the pump will know exactly how many units there are in it.  When
>the piston rod moves forward to meet up with the rubberstopper  in the
>cartridge the pump computes how much insulin is in there by how far the rod
>moves.  It really quite neat  to see this work.
>I hope this info can be of use to some people.
>Sheila Morris
>D-tron Pump trainer

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