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Re: [IP] Tracking carbs, etc

I have a Accu-Check Complete which MiniMed sent with my pump, it can keep 
track of everything.  I have the capability to download all my records at 
home for my old Accu-Check Advantage, but all the technology is useless if 
the hospital, or doctors office does not have the technology to download the 
information.  I thought that buying the software would help, it did, but the 
doctors complain the printout layout is hard to read because it does not 
seperate or catagorizes the readings in time block formation. You on the 
other hand are lucky to have a doctor who is at least up with current 
technology. I do agree with you that MiniMeds log book is better than other 
log books, because it has room to write down what you eat or list problems 
that you have had for that given day and can list the bolus and basal rates. 
  Accu-Check sent me an update software kit for my Advantage meter that said 
it could also now be used to download the Complete meter, but that was a 
load of crap, and I'm not spending another $70.00 on old software on 3.5" 

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>Subject: [IP] Tracking carbs, etc
>Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 15:19:22 -0500
>Hi Laura,
>I used to write down everything, when I first started pumping, but now I
>don't, it takes too long.  I have a DEX meter, and it lets me download
>everything for my endo.  Then I do keep a log book,  from MM, its nice, and
>write my set changes and any weird foods I eat for later reference.  That's
>all, and its easier that way for me.  But YMMV.
>Good luck and happy pumping!
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