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Re: [IP] The party's over - looong

J Hughey wrote:

> Started setting up the room Wed. eve. after mid-week service. Just some
> tables, but it was a job (for the young men who helped)....

What a party.  It was a real honor for our family to be included in Jan's
celebration and what a celebration.  All of us from the IP's table had such a
great time meeting one another and talking and eating, and eating, and talking,
and eating..  Well do you get the idea.  It was amazing to meet people from here
and just start talking to them and their spouses like you have known each other
for a long time.  Well I must admit my Mary brought her Mom and Dad and brothers
and no spouse.  LOL.  Jan certainly has a lot to celebrate.

The food was great and the IP's just kept eating, checking bg's and bolusing.
It was no big deal to eat what they wanted and when.  We left the party and l0
of us went out for dinner.  It was so great at the resturant to not have to
worry about waiting for a table for l0 on a Saturday night.  And then not
wondering when the food
was coming after you had ordered.  It felt like there were a bunch of pumpers in
a candy store, but they had the freedom to live just like everyone else rather
than watching the clock and wondering when that NPH was going to kick in or if
it was going to kick in.

Mary is still confused as to why adults name their pumps.  She just calls hers
pumpy.  She just does not get Elvis.  But she did understand Hockey Puck.  She
is amazed that Roger has had this for 53 years and that's longer than her Mom is
old. What great role models she had a chance to interact with.

I hope that we all can serve as role models for others with D. and encourage
them to take control of this rather than it controlling them.

Susanne  ( Mary's Mom)

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