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[IP] tuba tooting/tast-testing & etc.

Jan (or Elvis) wrote:
> I have never seen so much food in my life and it was all
> delicious (my fellow list-mates who attended can tell you I was the
> taste-tester. lol)

I'm glad someone got a chance to eat. You should have taken a couple of
extra trays of sandwiches home with you! lol

> RoseLea is bubbly,
> warm and very outgoing person who spent much of her time talking up the
> to a young mother.

Dana told me yesterday she is SOLD on a pump now. Has to get insurance
cleared. I've been talking to her quite awhile about it - but RoseLea must
have charmed her (what does that say about me?)!!  BTW, Dana has never had a
24-urine test (15 yr. DMer) and I'm trying to talk her into that, too.

> The display table of diabetes-related items was awesome! It was quite
> interesting seeing what was available before my time. I'm glad I have
> diabetes now, with all the wonderful tools available to keep our BGs in

We have a touchy-feely light that sometimes comes on automatically. The
living room is full of boxes - the light came on and I can't get to it to
touch it off! I have to find some display stuff in those boxes to take to
the newsie guy tomorrow, too! I tried to sleep after my non-breakfast this
a.m. and the phone awakened me. My maid of honor explaining why she wasn't
at the BASH - she was hospitalized that day. How rude! ;-)

> P.S. Your hugsband's tuba-playing wasn't TOO bad. LOL

Well, if I didn't interrupt him by ringing that bell so I could bawl and
introduce someone, it might have gone better! <teehee>

Jan and Bludawhatever ܰ

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