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Re: [IP] Tracking carbs, etc.

>Does everyone write down their blood sugars, the carbs, and boluses each
>time?  I don't mind testing, etc., but don't like to keep writing things
>down.  How do you handle this?

I write down everything, but the Accucheck complete keeps about 3 
months worth of BG's in memory which I download to a pc periodically. 
It also allows you to enter and keep track of carbs and boluses, but 
I don't do this as I find paper easier.  Without alphanumeric entry, 
I can't keep track of everything I want to, like type of food eaten, 
comments about problems, etc.

I am hoping to trade my son's pump in for the DTron which is said to 
store a long history of boluses which can be downloaded, but I won't 
know if this will work better than paper until I see it.

Tim, father of Trent, 4yo, pumping
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