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RE: [IP] Palm and Gluco-pilot

On 6 Nov 2000, at 10:20, Sherry  Nolan wrote:

> >>It's just the I disliked 
> Lifescan's software (InTouch).  Doesn't do what *I* want it to do.  
> And it makes inputting my carbs and insulin doses very tedious.<<
> So why don't you do this with the meter and then download it from the meter?
> I have done both.  
> The Profile allows you to turn on features so that you can input whatever
> information you want to.  I have mine set so that when I pull the used strip
> out I can enter carbs, and bolus information.  Then it downloads nicely to
> the computer.  I have also manually added things into the software.  Have
> they taken this feature out of more recent additions? I have an older copy
> of the software.
I started out with a One Touch Profile, but now I'm using a 
FastTake.  It gives the results in 15 seconds and requires a vastly 
smaller amount of blood.

I had to choose between the One Touch features vs the FastTake 
tiny blood sample.  The speed is nice too, but that wasn't a 
deciding factor.

It's just so hard to get blood out of this turnip!  I have perenially cold 
fingers and unless I have copious amounts of warm water handy 
*every* time I test, I just can't get enough blood out for the One 
Touch.  My work takes me out on the road all night long and I don't 
always have hot water handy.

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